Recipe: Perfect Finn-cake (from Adventure Time)

Finn-cake (from Adventure Time).

For this Finn-cake (from Adventure Time), You need 7 ingredients plus 5 steps. Let’s cook!.

Ingredients of Finn-cake (from Adventure Time)

  1. Prepare of Peach frosting.
  2. Prepare of Canned peaches.
  3. You need of Cool whip.
  4. It’s of The rest.
  5. Prepare of Black frosting.
  6. Prepare of White frosting.
  7. You need of Vanilla bread (or chocolate bread).

Follow Instructions Below :

  1. Cut up the canned peaches and mix cool whip with it..
  2. Cook the vanilla or chocolate bread at 350F (176.7C) for 30 minutes..
  3. Cut the bread in the shape of Finn’s head with a muffin circle at the bottom kinda like the picture below..
  4. Squirt the frosting on the head like the picture below..
  5. Enjoy!.

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